treble clef

Q. What sort of music do you teach?

A. All styles. You tell me what music you like and that's what we'll learn.
My own tastes are quite broad so hopefully we'll be playing and singing
music we'll both enjoy!

Q. How long will it take me before I'm any good?

A. That depends on you. To learn how to sing or play well requires an
enormous commitment. You won't get very far if you don't practise.

Q. How long is a lesson?

A. Younger pupils generally have half an hour, with more advanced
students coming for three-quarters or whole hour lessons.

Q. Will I HAVE to take examinations?

A. Definitely not, but I enter pupils into the
Associated Board examinations if they want to do them.

Q. Can I learn about music theory?

A. Of course. All my pupils are taught the rudiments of
music and those who progress to the Grade 6 practical exam will
need to take their Grade 5 theory first.

I can help with GCSE and A Level music too.

Q. I already play another instrument.
Will learning the piano or singing interfere with that?

A. No. As long as you have time to practise both it
may actually help. I often accompany instrumentalists for their

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