Music Swirl

What OFSTED inspectors said about Gill's music department at Stroud High School.


Student attainment at the end of Key stage 3 is above national average, sometimes well above. Appraising skills are above average;
Students are able to develop and use a musical vocabulary with which to describe and appraise the music they hear.

GCSE results were above average, with 100% of pupils gaining A-C's. The number of students gaining A* was above average.

Achievement in composing and performing has been consistently good.
Teaching is good overall. It was excellent in 12 per cent of lessons, very good in 25% and never less than satisfactory.
There are significant elements of good practice.
Computer work, although sometimes an optional activity is used well.
Teaching embodies excellent preparation, suitable teaching styles,
a range of interesting work, and sound organisation.
Sound teaching, adequate resources and good planning ensure that
many students make good progress across Key stage 3 and key stage 4.

In Year 11, students' compositions display competence in work derived from various styles and sources.
Many compositions show sophisticated levels of invention.
Students are conversant with a range of musical techniques.

At GCSE Advanced level standards in composition and performing are high.
Standards of presentation are good and the range of performing skills wide. In the sixth form teaching is satisfactory overall and is good in relation to performance skills.

Instrumental teaching is good. The 14 visiting instrumental teachers make a valuable contribution to the curriculum and their work is carefully managed and integrated into the work of the department.

The department is well organised with many suitable administrative processes in place. Leadership of the department has a strong, positive impact on performance and extra curricular work. Students work well individually and with enthusiasm in instrumental groups. They enjoy playing their compositions and respond by listening attentively to the compositions of others. They readily and warmly applaud each other's work.

Sixth form students are hard working and diligent.

There is a range of extra-curricular activity, sometimes involving quite large numbers. Students enthusiastically commit time and effort to the choirs, orchestras and other groups. The performing and composing work of students is appropriately celebrated in the school and in the community, with a regular calendar of musical events. There are regular visits to European countries. Such opportunities for performance have a strong impact on the cultural, aesthetic and social development of students; they also contribute in no small measure to the prevailing ethos of the school.

"The music department is undoubtedly
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