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Whether you want to sing opera, pop, jazz or any other form of music the technique is basically the same.

My own vocal technique stems from the Italian Bel Canto style, and I use this as a basis for all my teaching. But don't worry - if you want to sing pop you won't end up sounding like an opera singer. That's because I adapt the technique to suit your own particular voice and style of singing.

Some singing teachers will say things like " You will learn to incorporate a mental awareness and physicality needed in developing diaphragmatic breath support skills."

Phew, whatever does that mean?
Put simply, I will teach you two things that you think you already know - how to stand and how to breathe !

Others say : "I will teach you how to sing freely and beautifully with improved vocal power and resonance, how to expand your range and dynamics, strengthen and integrate the vocal registers, and how to acquire vocal ease through flexibility and confidence while you sing."

I say : I'll make your voice sweeter and stronger, and you'll struggle less to hit the top notes - which, presumably, is why you want singing lessons in the first place.

One thing is sure.
Together we'll enhance your musicality through personalised coaching on song repertoire: musical interpretation, characterisation, language, diction, and melody.

And we will do all this in a relaxed, comfortable way.

I can't turn you into Pavarotti or Celine Dion overnight but I promise you will notice a difference in your voice after just a few lessons.

(Sorry, I no longer take beginners)


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